Fujica STX 1 – Appreciating the X Factor

Fujica STX 1

The manual for this camera provides, I think, a helpful overview of where Fujica were going with the STX 1. It states:-

“Special features of this camera are: the new Fujica X bayonet mount which permits quick interchanging of the lenses, a full aperture metering system, and three-way focusing with split image, microprism and groung glass. It is also provided with a shutter speed indicator scale in the viewfinder to enable you to set the shutter speed while looking through the viewfinder.”

In many respects the Fujica STX 1 resembles the Fujica ST605 (review Here) which had been released a few years earlier, why it even shares the same body. So much of what I said about the 605 would apply to the STX 1. However as the above quote highlights there have been some welcome improvements

One I appreciated very much was having the shutter speed scale in the viewfinder. Being able to make changes to the shutter speed while continuing to look through the viewfinder is something we take for granted in this digital age. In the late 1970’s when this camera came out, not soo much. The shutter speed dial is a little stiff on my camera so it means I do have to lift the camera away from my face slightly to make changes to it with thumb and first finger.

Fujica STX 1 Self Timer and Preview Buttons

Self timer and Depth of Field Preview Button.

Fujica STX 1 Lens Release

Lens Release.

Fujica STX 1 Top

Shutter speeds max out at 1/700th. Nice to see shutter lock included.

Fujica STX 1 Base

Tripod mount and Film rewind release.

Fujica STX 1 Shutter

Film wind on mechanism is very positive and shutter sound very reassuring, as you can see for yourself by clicking on the above image.

Checking the light meter before using the STX 1 revealed I had a working and reasonably accurate one.🥳 So having loaded some Rollei Retro 400S I went in search of some worthy images to take.

Fujica STX 1 Lambretta Lamp

Fujica STX 1 Lambretta

The 50mm f1.9 X-Fujinon lens, different from and incompatible with modern Fujifilm X lenses, is really sharp, no doubt helped by the three-way focusing aids included on the STX 1.

Fujica STX 1 Lambretta Tyre

Fujica STX 1  Lambretta Mirror

Fujica STX1 Trunk

Fujica STX 1 Buttercups

Fujica STX 1 Barbed Wire

In combination with the excellent X Fujinon 50mm lens, the STX 1 has excelled my expectations. On paper the camera is unremarkable and has little to distinguish it from others of the era. Yet it did all that I asked of it – give me good looking images with little effort!

I would now appear to face a dilemma. Because the ST605 and STX 1 are very similar cameras which do I keep and which has to go. Do I keep the 605 because of its rich source of interesting screw thread lenses? Or do I keep the slightly ‘better’ STX 1 with my limited supply but good quality lenses? The again I could keep both and use them more to see which I prefer? What to do ..what to do🤔

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