London in a storm with a Nikon F50

I had to be in London for a couple of hours and I knew the weather forecast said rain and wind. But I’m really enjoying my foray into black and white photography so I didn’t mind.

Nikon F50 Front

But which camera to take when you know you will only have one hand available while the other holds an umbrella? I wanted something a little more than a point and shoot. So to keep things as simple as possible I went with the Nikon F50 and a 28-100mm kit lens. That way with auto focus and film wind on taken care of, I could concentrate on composition but have a little flexibility when it came to lens focal length.

Nikon F50 Top

The Nikon F50 hailing from the mid 1990’s was aimed at the beginner with its almost point and shoot simple mode. You get to choose from scene modes like landscape, portrait and closeup. On the other hand you could just set it to Program mode and let the camera make all the technical decisions

Nikon F50 Simple

However it does offer an advanced mode, where you can choose Program mode; Aperture priority; Shutter priority or manual mode. In the picture below, you’ll notice the row of buttons. These are used to move your aperture/shutter speed depending on the mode you’ve chosen.

Nikon F50 Display Advanced

User Beware: I did manage to press the self timer a couple of times, wondered why no picture was taken so looked at the camera only to realise my mistake and hastily reframe my shot. Doh!

Nikon F50London1 Nikon F50London2 Nikon F50London3 Nikon F50London4 Nikon F50London5 Nikon F50London6

Despite the inclement weather I had good time and enjoyed the whole experience. Learning the limits of my film stock, Kentmere 400 , is invaluable. The camera choice was the right one I think. Would I use the camera again? Of course! I’m a Nikon fan.

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