The Case of The Unknown Film

Occasionally inside a second hand camera that comes my way is a fully exposed roll of film. The inner Inspector Clouseau comes out in me. I want to find out the who, where and when of the film, you no.

In a recent purchase I found a roll of Kodak 200 and so I duly developed it. Lets see if the case cannot be sol-ved.

Judging by the way the gardens of the houses back on to one another, it looks as though this first picture was taken from an upstairs window in the back of the house. The bird looks like a pheasant , perhaps an unusual occurrence, hence the photo? Would this suggest that we are in a town or rural setting? Or has the bird escaped from its home nearby?

The next image could be in the street outside. By the spacing of the lampposts we seem to be in a town/suburbs. The car number plate, places us after 2001, possibly in Hampshire/Dorset.

The rest of the film was taken on a visit to a museum.

The picture above would appear to be of an R.E.8 of which there is only one original survivor in the UK located at the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, Cambridgeshire. However the Air museum in Hendon, London, has a working replica. Which is it?

An Out Building at our museum

This image confirms my suspicion that it is indeed the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, Cambridgeshire, in the countryside not London. In fact there are similar photos of the aircraft on the web providing conclusive proof.

While some of my reasoning may be sound I wonder how close to the truth of the matter I am. Of course the one who took the pictures would know.

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