Kodak Colorsnap 35

This was a £5 charity shop find. At first glance it appears to be a very basic camera. No light meter, one shutter speed of about a 1/40th sec, an aperture scale that goes from cloudy/dull to bright sun and a Kodak Anaston lens. However you can change film speed and it does have the ability to allow double exposures, a feature I would like to explore another time. Not having ever been very good with the “sunny 16 rule”  I thought it best to play safe and so went out with a Weston Master III light meter. So I popped in a roll of Poundlands Vista Plus 200. But what subject to shoot? The month was May and the local park had Azaleas and Rhododendrons, prime subject matter. It proved to be rather cloudy so I mostly shot around exposure values of between 10 and 12, in other words as wide open as the lens allowed.

Isobella Plantations 1.jpg

With no Multi-Cam 20K sensor to help with focusing, one of the biggest challenges was getting the distance correct, something I am clearly going to have to work on! I’m pleased I took the light meter, it helped take out another layer of guess work. I found the camera sat very comfortably in my hands. I have not used a camera with a leaf shutter housed in the lens for some considerable time, so at first it was underwhelming to hear a faint tick. I enjoyed the way I slowed down in my approach and maybe even a little more thoughtful in composition. But the proof is in the photos. I have literally scanned and cropped with no further intervention. What do you think?

Isobella 11.jpg


Isobella 5.jpg


Isobella Plantations 3b.jpg


Isobella Plantations 3.jpg

With a little more care in selecting brighter conditions a larger depth of field could have been achieved improving the focusing. Being limited to a 1/40th sec, perhaps a tripod would have been a sensible addition. I look forward to trying again.

On a second trip out with the camera I discovered that there was a light leak. How I  replaced the light seal will be covered in another post appearing in the learning zone.

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